Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Restaurant.com & Red Envelope-TODAY ONLY

I found this deal today and I just took advantage of it but, hurry! It ends today. This is a two for one deal and I thought I'd share my scenario. 70% off Restaurant.com giftcards and a free $15 to redenvelope.com with restaurant gift card purchase. Read all the details of the deal, HERE! Thank you, Nicole's Nickels!

I had known about the restaurant.com 70% off code and was planning to take advantage of it when I got around to it but then I found out about the bonus $15 from Red Envelope and I realized there was no time like the present.

My Scenario:

Part One: I shopped through Mr.Rebates and they were offering a 27% rebate. I purchased a $25 gift card for $3 using the discount code PRESENT. I know, before you start questioning my math, let me explain. Restaurant.com offers gift cards at a discount. So I purchased a $25 for $10 and then the 70% off - Voila!- My $3 purchase. This restaurant, by the way, is one that my husband and I have been wanting to try. There are restrictions for the gift cards and they vary depending on the location. This particular restriction stated that we had to order 2 entrees (Uh, if you know my husband then you know we weren't sharing an entree anyway).

Part Two: With the purchase you got the unique $15 to RE immediately. I headed over to that webpage - Don't forget to use your favorite rebate site! I purchased a really cute holiday tealight holder as a token of appreciation for my daughter's dance teacher. All in all, the RE purchase cost $1.03 with the potential of a rebate. You can't beat that, and, I crossed a name off of my holiday shopping list.

Click HERE to check out the tea light holder I ordered!

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