Monday, December 14, 2009

Out with the Old and In with the New - Gadget Recycling

As the end of the year approaches I think many people start to look forward to the coming year and welcome new beginnings and clean slates with plans and resolutions. Since becoming a mom, I really feel the urge to "spring clean" around this time of the year. I'm looking at what I can purge, simplify, donate, reduce, reuse, recycle, etc. The inevitable question is already looming; Where on Earth am I going to put the new toys?! Anyway, I finally recycled some old cell phones that I was seriously sick of shuffling around. I recycled with Gazelle and they not only recycle cell phones but all sorts of gadgets. Click HERE for a short demo video.
The process was simple enough and I would consider using the company again. If the equipment is deemed acceptable they will make you an offer on your items. My offer wasn't much but it got the phones out of my kitchen drawer and they didn't end up in the landfill either. For my payment I opted for an Amazon credit code that was emailed to me. If you're lucky enough to get some new electronics this year for Christmas, consider cashing in on your old with Gazelle.

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