Friday, December 11, 2009

Reindeer Food Recipe

In a previous post I admitted my obsession with Christmas traditions. Apparently, when my kids start school there is a whole new set of traditions to add to the list. The other day at my daughter's dance class some of the moms were talking about the activities that were planned for their daughter's preschool Holiday party and they mentioned that they were making Reindeer food. Isn't that what carrots are? Being that my daughter hasn't started preschool yet and we hadn't heard of Reindeer food, I had to google the recipe. I've seen a couple of different variations but most are similar to the recipe found Here. Another variation includes white sugar and some call for real glitter but I would hold off on the glitter if some non magical animals decide to munch on it, too. Carrots are still good but if you're looking for an activity or craft to do with your child or at a school party, this is really cute.

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