Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sometimes it is Easy Being Green

We had a friend who is an audio/video guy at our house the other day and I was picking his brain about my tv and thought I'd share an interesting tidbit I learned. If you have a larger flatscreen tv, plasma or LCD, it could be a real energy sucker. I had never explored the features of my tv before but apparently my tv has an energy saver feature. What I got from him (in layman's terms), some of these tvs are energy suckers even when turned off. If you have an energy feature, you can play with it and find a level that you are comfortable with and save some energy and money. For example, mine had a low, med and high saver option. These do dim the picture but that isn't necessarily a bad thing depending on the lighting in your room. I stuck with the low setting~ it didn't make much difference in the brightness of my picture and I'm happy to know I might save a little, too.

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