Monday, March 15, 2010

Bzz Agent Starbucks Coffee Campaign!

When I saw the box with the cute "bee" tape I couldn't wait to open it. Over the last year or so I have morphed from an occasional coffee drinker to a have to have at least a half a pot each day coffee drinker. Sometimes I even have to stop myself from making more. Well, I had just come off of a few days without coffee. We were out and didn't get to the store. So, no coffee at all for two days and then I got my Bzz box!

When I signed up for the campaign I knew I would be sampling Starbuck's Pike Peak Roast. It is their signature blend named after the location of the very first Starbuck shop in Pike Place Market, Seattle. I, by the way, was there before and while the famed flying fish were entertaining, I couldn't help but think that Pittsburgh's very own Strip District was perhaps a little cooler. But, I digress. I also got a smaller, "Intro" size, of the Caffe Verona flavor to brew and share with friends. The 5 oz. "Intro" bags are available in Columbia, House Blend & Caffe Verona. Starbucks is also offering a promo where you buy coffee and get coffee. I think this is a pretty smart marketing tool. I'm all about saving money but if I hear about the "latte factor" one more time as a way to keep money in your pocket I think I might just scream. And, if I haven't had my coffee to keep said money in my pocket I guarantee I will be screaming! Very smart on their part. Here is the deal: Buy the 12 oz. coffee to brew at home as a more economical choice then, bring the packaging in for a FREE tall brewed coffee . As always, the kit also included a few coupons to share with friends.

I was very happy with the Pike Peak Roast and I will be purchasing it in the future. I haven't brewed the Verona Caffe yet but I will post about it when I do.

Let me just share a few more things about Bzz Agent and Pike Peak Roast:

If you'd like more info on how to become a Bzz Agent, click HERE.

Pike Peak Roast is available in a 12 oz. package at all major grocery stores and mass retailers at a suggested price of $8.99.

I did receive this product to try free but I was not paid for this post and my views always remain my own - just ask my husband.

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